Mounting Rack Rails C4PR Series

For use with the C4 and C4RR Cabinet Series


  • Sold in pairs
  • Rails come numbered in 1U (1.75") increments.
  • Installs vertically in the cabinet.
  • Use with C4 and C4RR Cabinet series.
  • Includes strut mounting hardware (for both rails).
  • Finished in Zinc steel plate.
  • TAA-compliant for GSA Schedule purchases.
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • Manufactured in North America.

10-32 Tapped Rail Features

  • Constructed in 10-gauge steel
  • EIA-compliant drilled and tapped 10-32 holes

Square Hole Punched Rail Features

  • Constructed in 12-gauge steel
  • EIA-compliant square hole punched (allows the choice of cage nuts for 10-3212-241/4-20 or M6 cage nuts).


Part No. Part No. Rack Mounting Mounting Compatible with Tapped 10-32 Part# Square Hole Part#
Tapped 10-32 Square Hole Units Width Height C4 Cabinet Width Quantity Price Buy Now Quantity Price Buy Now
- C4PR2442SZPL 24U 19.00 42.00 24.00 35$139.294Buy Now
C4PR4223TZPL C4PR4223SZPL 24U 23.00 42.00 30.00 18Buy Now18Buy Now
C4PR2473TZPL C4PR2473SZPL 42U 19.00 73.00 24.00 38$207.271Buy Now7$198.879Buy Now
C4PR7323TZPL C4PR7323SZPL 42U 23.00 73.00 30.00 18Buy Now18Buy Now
C4PR2477TZPL C4PR2477SZPL 44U 19.00 77.00 24.00 49$213.985Buy Now26$198.879Buy Now
C4PR77TZPL C4PR77SZPL 44U 19.00 77.00 30.00 16$280.284Buy Now25$269.374Buy Now
C4PR7723TZPL C4PR7723SZPL 44U 23.00 77.00 30.00 1Buy Now9Buy Now

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