C2 Doors CDF Series

Exclusively for use with the C2 Cabinet Series


  • Constructed in 16-gauge steel.
  • Easily installs into C2 Series cabinets using integrated spring pin at top and bottom of the door. 
  • Includes formed plastic handle, quarter-turn lock and hinges to mount on the cabinet.
  • Available in Solid, Windowed and Perforated and Split Perforated options.
  • Finished in textured RAL9005 black or RAL7035 light gray powder paint finish.
  • TAA-compliant for GSA Schedule purchases.
  • RoHS and REACH compliant.
  • Manufactured in North America.


Door Type Part No. Part No. Use with Cabinet Black Part# RAL 7035 Light Gray Part#
Black RAL 7035 Light Gray Rack Units Height Quantity Price Buy Now Quantity Price Buy Now
Solid CDF1935SBK1 CDF1935SLG1 20U 35.00 12$305.460Buy Now6$305.460Buy Now
CDF1942SBK1 CDF1942SLG1 24U 42.00 34$381.830Buy Now3$381.830Buy Now
CDF1949SBK1 CDF1949SLG1 28U 49.00 14$366.724Buy Now4$366.724Buy Now
CDF1956SBK1 CDF1956SLG1 32U 56.00 8$412.042Buy Now1$412.042Buy Now
CDF1963SBK1 CDF1963SLG1 36U 63.00 7$427.987Buy Now10$427.987Buy Now
CDF1970SBK1 CDF1970SLG1 40U 70.00 1$488.411Buy Now7$488.411Buy Now
CDF1978SBK1 CDF1978SLG1 45U 78.75 9$503.517Buy Now25$503.517Buy Now
CDF1985SBK1 CDF1985SLG1 49U 85.75 1$523.915Buy Now   
Louver Vented Door CDF1935LBK1 CDF1935LLG1 20U 35.00 7$320.566Buy Now1$320.566Buy Now
CDF1942LBK1 CDF1942LLG1 24U 42.00 19$381.830Buy Now1$381.839Buy Now
CDF1949LBK1 CDF1949LLG1 28U 49.00 2$427.987Buy Now7$427.987Buy Now
CDF1956LBK1 CDF1956LLG1 32U 56.00 24$458.199Buy Now5$458.199Buy Now
CDF1963LBK1 CDF1963LLG1 36U 63.00 1$473.305Buy Now19$473.305Buy Now
CDF1970LBK1 CDF1970LLG1 40U 70.00 5$488.411Buy Now15$488.411Buy Now
CDF1978LBK1 CDF1978LLG1 45U 78.75 11$605.063Buy Now1$605.063Buy Now
CDF1985LBK1 CDF1985LLG1 49U 85.75 2$656.256Buy Now4$656.256Buy Now
Vented Door CDF1970VBK1 CDF1970VLG1 40U 70.00 37$732.625Buy Now1$732.631Buy Now
CDF1978VBK1 CDF1978VLG1 45U 78.75 12$747.734Buy Now6$747.734Buy Now
Window Door C2DF1935PBK1 Not Available 20U 35.00 21$579.889Buy Now
C2DF1942PBK1 Not Available 24U 42.00 1$641.141Buy Now
C2DF1949PBK1 Not Available 28U 49.00 4$671.347Buy Now
C2DF1956PBK1 Not Available 32U 56.00 1$717.528Buy Now
C2DF1963PBK1 Not Available 36U 63.00 2$747.734Buy Now
C2DF1970PBK1 C2DF1970PLG1 40U 70.00 3$885.372Buy Now   
C2DF1978PBK1 Not Available 45U 78.75 2$915.576Buy Now
C2DF1985PBK1 Not Available 49U 85.75 1$976.839Buy Now
Vented Window Door CDF1970VPBK1 CDF1970VPLG1 40U 70.00 1$915.578Buy Now1$915.578Buy Now
CDF1978VPBK1 CDF1978VPLG1 45U 78.75 1$969.443Buy Now4$969.443Buy Now

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