Fan Cords DNFC Series


    • For wiring of tube axial fans (above)
    • Molded female standard fan plug (0.91" x 0.68")
    • SPT-1 x 18/2 type wire cord, rated 300V and  105 degrees C
    • DNFC48P is the fan cord required for a longer connection wire for DNFK2AC120 and AVFK2AC120.
    • See the tables below for detailed descriptions



    Part Number Description Lead Length Fan Connector 115VAC Plug Quantity Price Buy Now
    DNMFC Single 24.00 45 degree No
    DNFC48P Single 48.00 45 degree Yes 24$15.089Buy Now
    DNFC72P Single 72.00 45 degree No 94$10.054Buy Now
    DNFC72PG Single 72.00 45 degree Yes 14Buy Now
    DNFCDC2P Daisy Chain 24.00 Qty 2-45 degree, 12" apart Yes 35$16.768Buy Now
    DNFCDC3P Daisy Chain 24.00 Qty 3-45 degree, 12" apart No 16$25.160Buy Now
    DNFCDC3PG Daisy Chain 24.00 Qty 3-45 degree, 12" apart Yes 1Buy Now

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