Modular Test & Measurement Rack Cabinet C2 Series

1,500 lbs (680 kg) Weight Capacity

When you prefer complete flexibility, our modular C2 series allows you to select every feature. We can ship the components to you for assembly*, we can assemble the cabinet for you or you can choose from some of our popular pre-assembled cabinets, here.

Available Options Include

  • 20U, 24U, 28U, 32U, 36U, 40U, 45U, and 49U mounting heights.
  • 23" overall frame widths.
  • 23.62", 31.5" and 36" overall frame depths.
  • All frames include four (4) levelling feet and support optional casters.
  • Mounting rails are sold separately and are available with square-hole punched or drilled and tapped 10-32.
  • Flush-mounted doors with quarter-turn locks are available in solid, louvre vented, vented, window, and vented windows.
  • Solid side panels with quarter-turn latch.
  • One (1) interchangeable top panel opening, available in solid, vented, fan tops with or without fans installed.
  • One (1) interchangeable bottom panel opening, available in solid or gland membrane.
  • Vertical cable managers are available in-tray, enclosed metal or fingers versions.


  • Cabinet frame constructed in 14-gauge steel with 12-gauge steel reinforced corner brackets.
  • Cabinet doors and side panels are constructed in 16-gauge steel.
  • 19" mounting rails are constructed in 12-gauge steel (square hole punched) or 10-gauge steel (drilled and tapped 10-32).
    • Rails include rack unit indicators and are Zinc-plated to provide superior surface areas for equipment grounding.
    • C-channel struts provide cabinet strength, ease and flexibility to adjust mounting rails.
  • 1,500 lbs (680 kg) load rating.
  • Grounding studs are provided on the frame as well as side panels and doors. The front and rear studs on the cabinet frame conform to PET.
  • Finished in textured black or RAL 7035 light gray powder paint.
  • TAA-compliant for GSA Schedule purchases.
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • Manufactured in North America within an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility.

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C2 Open Frames (Mounting Rails Not Included)

Part No. Part No. Overall Dimensions Rack Usable Mounting Dimensions 19" Rack Rails (Pairs) Quantity Price Buy Now
RAL 9005 Black RAL 7035 Light Gray Height Width Depth Units Height Depth Tapped 10-32 Square Hole
C2F193523BK1 C2F193523LG1 43.16 23.00 23.62 20U 35.06 21.63 CCR35TZPL CPR35SZPL 1$915.576Buy Now4$915.576Buy Now93$152.722Buy Now23$149.365Buy Now
C2F193531BK1 C2F193531LG1 43.16 23.00 31.50 20U 35.06 29.50 CCR35TZPL CPR35SZPL 24$961.733Buy Now6$961.733Buy Now93$152.722Buy Now23$149.365Buy Now
C2F193536BK1 C2F193536LG1 43.16 23.00 36.00 20U 35.06 34.00 CCR35TZPL CPR35SZPL 12$1,038.102Buy Now5$1,038.102Buy Now93$152.722Buy Now23$149.365Buy Now
C2F194223BK1 C2F194223LG1 50.16 23.00 23.62 24U 42.06 21.63 CCR42TZPL CPR42SZPL 8$915.576Buy Now5$915.576Buy Now181$167.828Buy Now19$158.596Buy Now
C2F194231BK1 C2F194231LG1 50.16 23.00 31.50 24U 42.06 29.50 CCR42TZPL CPR42SZPL 14$976.839Buy Now3$976.839Buy Now181$167.828Buy Now19$158.596Buy Now
C2F194236BK1 C2F194236LG1 50.16 23.00 36.00 24U 42.06 34.00 CCR42TZPL CPR42SZPL 4$1,068.314Buy Now1$1,068.314Buy Now181$167.828Buy Now19$158.596Buy Now
C2F194923BK1 C2F194923LG1 57.16 23.00 23.62 28U 49.06 21.63 CCR49TZPL CPR49SZPL 2$946.627Buy Now3$946.627Buy Now76$175.381Buy Now213$168.667Buy Now
C2F194931BK1 C2F194931LG1 57.16 23.00 31.50 28U 49.06 29.50 CCR49TZPL CPR49SZPL 5$991.945Buy Now3$991.945Buy Now76$175.381Buy Now213$168.667Buy Now
C2F194936BK1 C2F194936LG1 57.16 23.00 36.00 28U 49.06 34.00 CCR49TZPL CPR49SZPL 4$1,083.420Buy Now2$1,083.420Buy Now76$175.381Buy Now213$168.667Buy Now
C2F195623BK1 C2F195623LG1 64.16 23.00 23.62 32U 56.06 21.63 CCR56TZPL CPR56SZPL 4$961.733Buy Now9$961.733Buy Now91$183.773Buy Now16$179.577Buy Now
C2F195631BK1 C2F195631LG1 64.16 23.00 31.50 32U 56.06 29.50 CCR56TZPL CPR56SZPL 9$1,007.051Buy Now3$1,007.051Buy Now91$183.773Buy Now16$179.577Buy Now
C2F195636BK1 C2F195636LG1 64.16 23.00 36.00 32U 56.06 34.00 CCR56TZPL CPR56SZPL 9$1,099.365Buy Now3$1,099.365Buy Now91$183.773Buy Now16$179.577Buy Now
C2F196323BK1 C2F196323LG1 71.16 23.00 23.62 36U 63.06 21.63 CCR63TZPL CPR63SZPL 15$968.447Buy Now1$968.447Buy Now15$198.879Buy Now8$196.361Buy Now
C2F196331BK1 C2F196331LG1 71.16 23.00 31.50 36U 63.06 29.50 CCR63TZPL CPR63SZPL 8$1,038.102Buy Now8$1,038.102Buy Now15$198.879Buy Now8$196.361Buy Now
C2F196336BK1 C2F196336LG1 71.16 23.00 36.00 36U 63.06 34.00 CCR63TZPL CPR63SZPL 1$1,099.365Buy Now1$1,099.365Buy Now15$198.879Buy Now8$196.361Buy Now
C2F197023BK1 C2F197023LG1 78.16 23.00 23.62 40U 70.06 21.63 CCR70TZPL CPR70SZPL 5$1,007.051Buy Now2$1,007.051Buy Now67$218.181Buy Now40$213.146Buy Now
C2F197031BK1 C2F197031LG1 78.16 23.00 31.50 40U 70.06 29.50 CCR70TZPL CPR70SZPL 12$1,053.208Buy Now1$1,053.208Buy Now67$218.181Buy Now40$213.146Buy Now
C2F197036BK1 C2F197036LG1 78.16 23.00 36.00 40U 70.06 34.00 CCR70TZPL CPR70SZPL 1$1,144.683Buy Now8$1,144.683Buy Now67$218.181Buy Now40$213.146Buy Now
C2F197823BK1 C2F197823LG1 86.91 23.00 23.62 45U 78.81 21.63 CCR78TZPL CPR78SZPL 7$1,038.102Buy Now19$1,038.102Buy Now234$229.091Buy Now187$227.413Buy Now
C2F197831BK1 C2F197831LG1 86.91 23.00 31.50 45U 78.81 29.50 CCR78TZPL CPR78SZPL 1$1,114.471Buy Now2$1,114.471Buy Now234$229.091Buy Now187$227.413Buy Now
C2F197836BK1 C2F197836LG1 86.91 23.00 36.00 45U 78.81 34.00 CCR78TZPL CPR78SZPL 2$1,159.789Buy Now12$1,159.789Buy Now234$229.091Buy Now187$227.413Buy Now
C2F198523BK1 C2F198523LG1 93.91 23.00 23.62 49U 85.81 21.63 CCR85TZPL CPR85SZPL 2$1,099.365Buy Now3$1,099.365Buy Now15$234.966Buy Now34$241.679Buy Now
C2F198531BK1 C2F198531LG1 93.91 23.00 31.50 49U 85.81 29.50 CCR85TZPL CPR85SZPL 3$1,190.841Buy Now1$1,190.841Buy Now15$234.966Buy Now34$241.679Buy Now
C2F198536BK1 C2F198536LG1 93.91 23.00 36.00 49U 85.81 34.00 CCR85TZPL CPR85SZPL 9$1,251.265Buy Now2$1,251.265Buy Now15$234.966Buy Now34$241.679Buy Now

C2 Doors

Door Type Part No. Part No. Use with Cabinet Black Part# Gray Part#
Black RAL 7035 Light Gray Rack Units Height Quantity Price Buy Now Quantity Price Buy Now
Solid CDF1935SBK1 CDF1935SLG1 20U 35.00 8$305.460Buy Now6$305.460Buy Now
CDF1942SBK1 CDF1942SLG1 24U 42.00 8$381.830Buy Now8$381.830Buy Now
CDF1949SBK1 CDF1949SLG1 28U 49.00 17$366.724Buy Now4$366.724Buy Now
CDF1956SBK1 CDF1956SLG1 32U 56.00 10$412.042Buy Now1$412.042Buy Now
CDF1963SBK1 CDF1963SLG1 36U 63.00 9$427.987Buy Now10$427.987Buy Now
CDF1970SBK1 CDF1970SLG1 40U 70.00 31$488.411Buy Now1$488.411Buy Now
CDF1978SBK1 CDF1978SLG1 45U 78.75 8$503.517Buy Now2$503.517Buy Now
CDF1985SBK1 CDF1985SLG1 49U 85.75 1$523.915Buy Now   
Louver Vented Door CDF1935LBK1 CDF1935LLG1 20U 35.00 8$320.566Buy Now1$320.566Buy Now
CDF1942LBK1 CDF1942LLG1 24U 42.00 1$381.830Buy Now4$381.839Buy Now
CDF1949LBK1 CDF1949LLG1 28U 49.00 4$427.987Buy Now2$427.987Buy Now
CDF1956LBK1 CDF1956LLG1 32U 56.00 5$458.199Buy Now5$458.199Buy Now
CDF1963LBK1 CDF1963LLG1 36U 63.00 6$473.305Buy Now19$473.305Buy Now
CDF1970LBK1 CDF1970LLG1 40U 70.00 9$488.411Buy Now3$488.411Buy Now
CDF1978LBK1 CDF1978LLG1 45U 78.75 14$605.063Buy Now4$605.063Buy Now
CDF1985LBK1 CDF1985LLG1 49U 85.75 2$656.256Buy Now1$656.256Buy Now
Vented Door CDF1970VBK1 CDF1970VLG1 40U 70.00 6$732.625Buy Now1$732.631Buy Now
CDF1978VBK1 CDF1978VLG1 45U 78.75 3$747.734Buy Now6$747.734Buy Now
Window Door C2DF1935PBK1 Not Available 20U 35.00 25$579.889Buy Now
C2DF1942PBK1 Not Available 24U 42.00 2$641.141Buy Now
C2DF1949PBK1 Not Available 28U 49.00 6$671.347Buy Now
C2DF1956PBK1 Not Available 32U 56.00 1$717.528Buy Now
C2DF1963PBK1 Not Available 36U 63.00 5$747.734Buy Now
C2DF1970PBK1 C2DF1970PLG1 40U 70.00 3$885.372Buy Now   
C2DF1978PBK1 Not Available 45U 78.75 2$915.576Buy Now
C2DF1985PBK1 Not Available 49U 85.75 1$976.839Buy Now
Vented Window Door CDF1970VPBK1 CDF1970VPLG1 40U 70.00 1$915.578Buy Now1$915.578Buy Now
CDF1978VPBK1 CDF1978VPLG1 45U 78.75 1$969.443Buy Now4$969.443Buy Now

C2 Side Panels (Sold in Pairs)

Part No. Part No. Use with Cabinet Frame Black Part# Gray Part#
Black RAL 7035 Light Gray Rack Units Height Depth Part No. Quantity Price Buy Now Quantity Price Buy Now
CSP3523BK1 CSP3523LG1 20U 35.00 23.63 C2F193523 27$266.856Buy Now2$266.856Buy Now
CSP4223BK1 CSP4223LG1 24U 42.00 23.63 C2F194223 13$275.248Buy Now7$275.248Buy Now
CSP4923BK1 CSP4923LG1 28U 49.00 23.63 C2F194923 9$349.100Buy Now6$349.100Buy Now
CSP5623BK1 CSP5623LG1 32U 56.00 23.63 C2F195623 2$388.543Buy Now11$388.543Buy Now
CSP6323BK1 CSP6323LG1 36U 63.00 23.63 C2F196323 11$484.215Buy Now8$484.215Buy Now
CSP7023BK1 CSP7023LG1 40U 70.00 23.63 C2F197023 2$511.070Buy Now1$511.070Buy Now
CSP7823BK1 CSP7823LG1 45U 78.75 23.63 C2F197823 5$511.070Buy Now15$511.070Buy Now
CSP8523BK1 CSP8523LG1 49U 85.75 23.63 C2F198523 2$534.568Buy Now   
CSP3531BK1 CSP3531LG1 20U 35.00 31.50 C2F193531 12$290.354Buy Now2$290.354Buy Now
CSP4231BK1 CSP4231LG1 24U 42.00 31.50 C2F194231 17$388.543Buy Now8$388.543Buy Now
CSP4931BK1 CSP4931LG1 28U 49.00 31.50 C2F194931 10$388.543Buy Now8$388.543Buy Now
CSP5631BK1 CSP5631LG1 32U 56.00 31.50 C2F195631 6$473.305Buy Now12$473.305Buy Now
CSP6331BK1 CSP6331LG1 36U 63.00 31.50 C2F196331 9$545.478Buy Now1$545.478Buy Now
CSP7031BK1 CSP7031LG1 40U 70.00 31.50 C2F197031 6$553.870Buy Now18$553.870Buy Now
CSP7831BK1 CSP7831LG1 45U 78.75 31.50 C2F197831 25$553.870Buy Now3$553.870Buy Now
CSP8531BK1 CSP8531LG1 49U 85.75 31.50 C2F198531 6$591.635Buy Now1$591.635Buy Now
CSP3536BK1 CSP3536LG1 20U 35.00 36.00 C2F193536 9$349.100Buy Now5$349.100Buy Now
CSP4236BK1 CSP4236LG1 24U 42.00 36.00 C2F194236 5$344.065Buy Now1$344.065Buy Now
CSP4936BK1 CSP4936LG1 28U 49.00 36.00 C2F194936 12$408.685Buy Now2$408.685Buy Now
CSP5636BK1 CSP5636LG1 32U 56.00 36.00 C2F195636 9$484.215Buy Now6$484.215Buy Now
CSP6336BK1 CSP6336LG1 36U 63.00 36.00 C2F196336 1$547.157Buy Now4$547.157Buy Now
CSP7036BK1 CSP7036LG1 40U 70.00 36.00 C2F197036 18$579.886Buy Now13$579.886Buy Now
CSP7836BK1 CSP7836LG1 45U 78.75 36.00 C2F197836 24$591.635Buy Now5$591.635Buy Now
CSP8536BK1 CSP8536LG1 49U 85.75 36.00 C2F198536 1$599.188Buy Now2$599.188Buy Now

C2 Top Panels

Part No. Part No. Top Panel Type Use with Cabinet Black Part# Gray Part#
Black RAL 7035 Light Gray Width Depth Quantity Price Buy Now Quantity Price Buy Now
C2T1923SBK1 C2T1923SLG1 Solid Top 23.00 23.62 39$61.246Buy Now11$61.246Buy Now
C2T1931SBK1 C2T1931SLG1 23.00 31.50 26$72.156Buy Now38$72.156Buy Now
C2T1936SBK1 C2T1936SLG1 23.00 36.00 66$83.906Buy Now1$83.906Buy Now
C2T1923VBK1 C2T1923VLG1 Vented Top 23.00 23.62 20$67.121Buy Now24$67.121Buy Now
C2T1931VBK1 C2T1931VLG1 23.00 31.50 3$109.082Buy Now15$109.082Buy Now
C2T1936VBK1 C2T1936VLG1 23.00 36.00 30$122.510Buy Now11$122.510Buy Now
C2T1923VCEBK1 C2T1923VCELG1 Vented Top With 3x 3.5" Cable Entry Holes 23.00 23.62 12$92.298Buy Now20$92.298Buy Now
C2T1931VCEBK1 C2T1931VCELG1 23.00 31.50 15$119.153Buy Now26$119.153Buy Now
C2T1936VCEBK1 C2T1936VCELG1 23.00 36.00 11$137.616Buy Now4$137.616Buy Now
C2T1923RBK1 C2T1923RLG1 Raised Top Allows passive cooling and protects from falling debris 23.00 23.62 2$305.460Buy Now1$305.460Buy Now
C2T1931RBK1 C2T1931RLG1 23.00 31.50 12$335.672Buy Now1$335.672Buy Now
C2T1936RBK1 C2T1936RLG1 23.00 36.00 4$351.618Buy Now2$351.618Buy Now

C2 Bottom Panels

Bottom Part No. Part No. Use with Cabinet Black Part# Gray Part#
Panel Type Black RAL 7035 Light Gray Frame Quantity Price Buy Now Quantity Price Buy Now
Solid Bottom C2BPS1923BK1 C2BPS1923LG1 C2F19xx23xx 29$61.252Buy Now12$61.252Buy Now
C2BPS1931BK1 C2BPS1931LG1 C2F19xx31xx 158$76.355Buy Now82$76.355Buy Now
C2BPS1931BK1 C2BPS1931LG1 C2F19xx36xx 158$76.355Buy Now82$76.355Buy Now

Replacement Lock Kit for C2 Door


Ganging/Joining Kit

Part No. CGH01

Lock Kit for C2 Side Panel


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