Modular Server Rack Cabinet C4 Series

UL2416 rated for 3,000 lbs (1,360 kg). Static Load tested to 12,000 lbs (5,443 kg).

When you prefer complete flexibility, our modular C4 series allows you to select every feature. We can ship the components to you for assembly*, we can assemble the cabinet for you, or you can choose from some of our popular pre-assembled cabinets here.

Available Options Include:

  • 24U, 42U and 44U mounting heights.
  • 24" and 30" overall frame widths.
    • 24” wide frame includes generous cabling space and four (4) 3.5” wide cable entry holes on the top.
    • 30” wide frame includes extra generous cabling space and support for up to four optional vertical cable managers
  • 31.5", 36", and 42" overall frame depths.
  • All frames include four (4) leveling feet and support optional casters.
  • 19" and 23" mounting rails are available in square-hole punched, drilled, and tapped 10-32.
  • Flush-mounted doors with quarter-turn lock available in solid, acrylic window, vented full or split/barn.
  • Side panels are available in both solid and vented for thermal induction.
  • One (1) interchangeable top panel opening; is available in solid, vented fan tops with or without fans installed.
  • One (1) interchangeable bottom panel opening, available in solid.
  • Vertical cable managers are available in tray, enclosed metal, or finger versions.


  • The Cabinet frame is 14-gauge steel with 12-gauge steel reinforced corner brackets.
  • Cabinet doors and side panels are constructed in 16-gauge steel.
  • 19" mounting rails are constructed in 12-gauge steel (square hole punched) or 10-gauge steel (drilled and tapped 10-32).
    • Rails include rack unit indicators and are Zinc-plated to provide superior surface areas for equipment grounding.
    • C-channel struts provide cabinet strength, ease, and flexibility to adjust mounting rails.
  • *When assembled by Hammond, the cabinet is UL Listed 2416 load rated for up to 3,000 lbs (1,360 kg). Static Load tested to 12,000 lbs (5,443 kg).
  • Seismic rated up to 1,200 lbs (544 kg) of dynamic load with an Ip factor of 1.5 in accordance with the IBC 2018, CBC 2019, NBC 2018, ASCE 7-16, and ASCE 7-10. Requires a seismic bolt-down kit such as the C4K-Z4 (sold separately).
  • Optional eye-bolts provide a lifting capacity of 1,500 lbs (680.39 kg).
  • 1/2-20 Bonding collar studs are provided in frame (4x inner top and 2x bottom side of frame). Additional 10-32 studs are included on compatible side panels and doors.
  • Finished in textured RAL9005 black powder paint. Complies with the Greenguard guidelines for indoor air quality.
  • Meets PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance requirements.
  • TAA-compliant for GSA Schedule purchases.
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • Manufactured in North America within an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility.

As of October 17, 2023, you will be able to add HDMELB lifting eye-bolts to this cabinet. This is a rolling change and older stock will not include this new feature enhancement. To ensure you receive a cabinet with this new feature, contact your local representative.

The doors hinge from right-to-left.
To hinge from left-to-right, order the C4RHINGE kit.


C4 Open Frames and Rail Options

Part No. Overall Dimensions Rack Usable Mounting Dimensions 19" Rack Rails (Pairs) 23" Rack Rails (Pairs) Black Part# Gray Part#
Height Width Depth Units Height Depth Tapped 10-32 Square Hole Tapped 10-32 Square Hole Quantity Price Buy Now Quantity Price Buy Now
C4F244231BK1 48.58 24.00 31.50 24U 42.00 29.50 - C4PR2442SZPL - - 2$1,144.683Buy Now47$139.294Buy Now
C4F244236BK1 48.58 24.00 36.00 24U 42.00 34.00 - C4PR2442SZPL - - 9$1,174.895Buy Now47$139.294Buy Now
C4F244242BK1 48.58 24.00 42.00 24U 42.00 40.00 - C4PR2442SZPL - - 2$1,205.947Buy Now47$139.294Buy Now
C4F247331BK1 80.08 24.00 31.50 42U 73.00 29.50 C4PR2473TZPL C4PR2473SZPL - - 28$1,236.159Buy Now24$207.271Buy Now46$198.879Buy Now
C4F247336BK1 80.08 24.00 36.00 42U 73.00 34.00 C4PR2473TZPL C4PR2473SZPL - - 11$1,297.422Buy Now24$207.271Buy Now46$198.879Buy Now
C4F247342BK1 80.08 24.00 42.00 42U 73.00 40.00 C4PR2473TZPL C4PR2473SZPL - - 1$1,358.685Buy Now24$207.271Buy Now46$198.879Buy Now
C4F247731BK1 83.58 24.00 31.50 44U 77.00 29.50 C4PR2477TZPL C4PR2477SZPL - - 8$1,251.265Buy Now61$213.985Buy Now20$198.879Buy Now
C4F247736BK1 83.58 24.00 36.00 44U 77.00 34.00 C4PR2477TZPL C4PR2477SZPL - - 13$1,312.528Buy Now61$213.985Buy Now20$198.879Buy Now
C4F247742BK1 83.58 24.00 42.00 44U 77.00 40.00 C4PR2477TZPL C4PR2477SZPL - - 7$1,373.791Buy Now61$213.985Buy Now20$198.879Buy Now
C4F307731BK1 83.58 30.00 31.50 44U 77.00 29.50 C4PR77TZPL C4PR77SZPL C4PR7723TZPL C4PR7723SZPL 5$1,312.528Buy Now23$280.284Buy Now12$269.374Buy Now27Buy Now28Buy Now
C4F307736BK1 83.58 30.00 36.00 44U 77.00 34.00 C4PR77TZPL C4PR77SZPL C4PR7723TZPL C4PR7723SZPL 7$1,358.685Buy Now23$280.284Buy Now12$269.374Buy Now27Buy Now28Buy Now
C4F307742BK1 83.58 30.00 42.00 44U 77.00 40.00 C4PR77TZPL C4PR77SZPL C4PR7723TZPL C4PR7723SZPL 3$1,404.003Buy Now23$280.284Buy Now12$269.374Buy Now27Buy Now28Buy Now

C4 Doors (Hinged on Left)

Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Use with Cabinet Quantity Price Buy Now
Solid Door Acrylic Door Perforated Perforated Split Doors Rack Units Width
C4DF2442SBK1 C4DF2442PBK1 C4DF2442VBK1 C4BD2442VBK1 24U 24.00 10$366.724Buy Now2$687.307Buy Now8$549.674Buy Now2$717.519Buy Now
C4DF2473SBK1 C4DF2473PBK1 C4DF2473VBK1 C4BD2473VBK1 42U 24.00 3$458.199Buy Now5$870.257Buy Now20$641.150Buy Now8$793.888Buy Now
C4DF2477SBK1 C4DF2477PBK1 C4DF2477VBK1 C4BD2477VBK1 44U 24.00 9$488.411Buy Now1$900.469Buy Now7$671.362Buy Now20$870.257Buy Now
C4DF3077SBK1 C4DF3077PBK1 C4DF3077VBK1 C4BD3077VBK1 44U 30.00 24$519.462Buy Now5$915.576Buy Now24$687.307Buy Now3$961.733Buy Now

C4 Side Panels (Sold in Pairs)

Part No. Part No. Use with Cabinet Black Part# Gray Part#
Solid Vented Rack Units Depth Quantity Price Buy Now Quantity Price Buy Now
C4SP4231SBK1 C4SP4231VBK1 24U 31.50 7$412.042Buy Now3$443.093Buy Now
C4SP4236SBK1 C4SP4236VBK1 24U 36.00 2$427.987Buy Now4$458.199Buy Now
C4SP4242SBK1 C4SP4242VBK1 24U 42.00 7$443.093Buy Now1$473.305Buy Now
C4SP7331SBK1 C4SP7331VBK1 42U 31.50 20$534.568Buy Now10$564.780Buy Now
C4SP7336SBK1 C4SP7336VBK1 42U 36.00 13$607.581Buy Now5$656.256Buy Now
C4SP7342SBK1 C4SP7342VBK1 42U 42.00 2$763.676Buy Now5$722.554Buy Now
C4SP7731SBK1 C4SP7731VBK1 44U 31.50 13$549.674Buy Now5$579.886Buy Now
C4SP7736SBK1 C4SP7736VBK1 44U 36.00 11$595.832Buy Now3$656.256Buy Now
C4SP7742SBK1 C4SP7742VBK1 44U 42.00 1$717.519Buy Now10$732.625Buy Now

C4 Top Panels

Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Use with Cabinet Quantity Price Buy Now
Four (4) 4.7" One (1) 10"
Fan Cutout/ 100CFM Fans 550 CFM Fan
Solid Vented Cable Entry Fan Vents With Thermostat Without Thermostat
Top Panel Top Panel Top Panel Top Panel Top Panel Top Panel Width Depth
C2T1923SBK1 C2T1923VBK1 C2T1923FBK1 C2T1923VFBK1 C2T1923F4TBK1 C2T1923F10BK1 24.00 31.50 155$61.246Buy Now19$67.121Buy Now13$73.835Buy Now9$57.180Buy Now11$473.305Buy Now7$351.618Buy Now
C2T1931SBK1 C2T1931VBK1 C2T1931FBK1 C2T1931VFBK1 C2T1931F4TBK1 C2T1931F10BK1 24.00 36.00 59$72.156Buy Now19$109.082Buy Now32$107.404Buy Now17$104.340Buy Now4$488.411Buy Now5$358.331Buy Now
C2T1936SBK1 C2T1936VBK1 C2T1936FBK1 C2T1936VFBK1 C2T1936F4TBK1 C2T1936F10BK1 24.00 42.00 31$83.906Buy Now19$122.510Buy Now46$122.510Buy Now9$117.570Buy Now10$503.517Buy Now11$366.724Buy Now
C2T2423SBK1 C2T2423VBK1 - C2T2423VFBK1 C2T2423F4TBK1 C2T2423F10BK1 30.00 31.50 1$61.246Buy Now3$78.870Buy Now21$73.150Buy Now1$473.297Buy Now1$381.830Buy Now
C2T2431SBK1 C2T2431VBK1 - C2T2431VFBK1 C2T2431F4TBK1 C2T2431F10BK1 30.00 36.00 8$92.298Buy Now1$128.436Buy Now4$88.915Buy Now1$511.070Buy Now2$394.418Buy Now
C2T2436SBK1 C2T2436VBK1 - C2T2436VFBK1 C2T2436F4TBK1 C2T2436F10BK1 30.00 42.00 3$99.012Buy Now21$142.651Buy Now2$92.299Buy Now1$519.477Buy Now1$396.936Buy Now

C4 Bottom Panel

Solid Brushed Use with Cabinet Black Part# Gray Part#
Part No. Part No. Width Depth Quantity Price Buy Now Quantity Price Buy Now
C4B2431SBK1 C4BBCE2431BK1 24.00 31.50 3$77.192Buy Now10Buy Now
C4B2436SBK1 C4BBCE2436BK1 24.00 36.00 15$83.066Buy Now9Buy Now
C4B2442SBK1 C4BBCE2442BK1 24.00 42.00 8$88.941Buy Now10Buy Now
C4B3031SBK1 C4BBCE3031BK1 30.00 31.50 1$88.941Buy Now10Buy Now
C4B3036SBK1 C4BBCE3036BK1 30.00 36.00 5$99.851Buy Now10Buy Now
C4B3042SBK1 C4BBCE3042BK1 30.00 42.00 11$99.851Buy Now10Buy Now

C4 Vertical Cable Manager

Cable Tray Cable Tray with Tooless PDU Bracket Metal Manager with Hinged Door Finger Manager Use with Cabinet Quantity Price Buy Now
(30" wide version comes with door) Rack Units Width
VCT42 - - - 24U 24.00 48$70.470Buy Now
VCT73 VCTPDU73 - C4VFM42UBK 42U 24.00 56$99.012Buy Now38$122.510Buy Now20Buy Now
VCT77 VCTPDU77 - C4VFM44UBK 44U 24.00 41$104.047Buy Now27$122.510Buy Now22Buy Now
VCT42 - - - 24U 30.00 48$70.470Buy Now
VCT73 VCTPDU73 - C4VFMC3042UBK 42U 30.00 56$99.012Buy Now38$122.510Buy Now18Buy Now
VCT77 VCTPDU77 C4VCM77BK1 C4VFMC3044UBK 44U 30.00 41$104.047Buy Now27$122.510Buy Now9$381.830Buy Now18Buy Now

C4 Right-Hand Hinge


Split Door Retrofit Kit

Part No. SDRK

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