Swing-Out Sectional Wall Mount Rack Cabinet HWM Series

UL2416 rated for up to 350 lbs (158 kg). Static Load tested to 1,400 lbs (635 kg).


  • Available in two (2) depths and four (4) heights.
  • All sizes include either vented 63% perforated front door or smoked window front door.
  • Includes one (1) pair of 10-32 threaded rack rails with support for additional optional rails (see accessory table).
  • Center section features:
    • Heavy-duty spring-hinge pin for easy installation and removal.
    • Sides that include two (2) vents and a fan grill.
    • Can be installed to swing from left-to-right or right-to-left.
  • Rear section features:
    • The side of the rear section includes 2.50” and 2.00” knockouts.
    • The top and bottom of the rear section include 3.00", 2.00”, 1.38” and 1.12” knockouts.
    • Generous cable management lances are located on the rear section as well as on mounting rails.
    • Mounting points for outlet strips.
    • Heavy-duty keyhole for wall mounting.
    • Large opening in the rear for cable access.
  • The front locking door and center section keyed the same (optional key available).


  • 14-gauge welded rear section; 16-gauge center section and doors.
  • EIA compliant adjustable depth mounting rails.
  • Grounding lugs located on top and bottom of the door, center and rear sections.
  • UL Listed 2416 load rated for up to 350 lbs (158 kg). Static Load tested to 1,400 lbs (635 kg).
  • Rugged sand-textured black powder paint reduces the look of fingerprints and marks.
  • TAA compliant for GSA Schedule purchases.
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • Manufactured in North America within an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility.


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Part No. Part No. Overall Dimensions Rack Mounting (Usable) Dimensions Solid Door Window Door
Vented Door Window Door Height Width Depth Units Height Width Depth Quantity Price Buy Now Quantity Price Buy Now
HWM2412U20BK HWM2412U20WDBK 27.81 24.68 25.67 12U 21.00 19.00 22.85 10$1,419.109Buy Now16$1,503.032Buy Now
HWM2412U26BK HWM2412U26WDBK 27.81 24.68 31.67 12U 21.00 19.00 28.85 1$1,586.954Buy Now13$1,678.415Buy Now
HWM2420U20BK HWM2420U20WDBK 41.81 24.68 25.67 20U 35.00 19.00 22.85 1$1,618.005Buy Now1$1,677.590Buy Now
HWM2420U26BK HWM2420U26WDBK 41.81 24.68 31.67 20U 35.00 19.00 28.85 2$1,846.274Buy Now6$1,953.694Buy Now
HWM2424U20BK HWM2424U20WDBK 48.81 24.68 25.67 24U 42.00 19.00 22.85 16$1,785.850Buy Now1$1,979.710Buy Now
HWM2424U26BK HWM2424U26WDBK 48.81 24.68 31.67 24U 42.00 19.00 28.85 8$1,979.710Buy Now5$2,149.221Buy Now
HWM2432U20BK HWM2432U20WDBK 62.81 24.68 25.67 32U 56.00 19.00 22.85 2$2,064.457Buy Now12$2,206.300Buy Now
HWM2432U26BK HWM2432U26WDBK 62.81 24.68 31.67 32U 56.00 19.00 28.85 10$2,262.539Buy Now11$2,404.351Buy Now


Rack Units
Solid Door
*Special Order*
Tapped 10-32
Rail (Pair)
Square Hole
Rail (Pair)
Vertical Cable Manager Locking Solid Door Tapped 10-32 Rail (Pair) Square Hole Rail (Pair) Vertical Cable Manager
  Quantity Price Buy Now Quantity Price Buy Now Quantity Price Buy Now Quantity Price Buy Now
12U HWMSD2412UBK HWMTR12U HWMSR12U - 1$318.049Buy Now13$79.709Buy Now2$60.407Buy Now
20U HWMSD2420UBK HWMTR20U HWMSR20U - 1$345.743Buy Now6$99.851Buy Now16$83.066Buy Now
24U HWMSD2424UBK HWMTR24U HWMSR24U VCT42 1$365.884Buy Now34$119.153Buy Now6$97.333Buy Now63$70.470Buy Now
32U HWMSD2432UBK HWMTR32U HWMSR32U VCT56 1$394.418Buy Now1$139.294Buy Now1$110.761Buy Now24$89.528Buy Now

Lock Keyed Differently

Part No. HWMSLOCK 7$27.678Buy Now

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