Type 12 Mild Steel Two Door Freestanding Enclosure 1418 TD FS Series

Continuous Hinge Door with Handle


  • Designed to house electrical, electronic, hydraulic or pneumatic controls with provision for panel mounting or rack mounting of equipment.
  • Provides a degree of protection from falling dirt, dust, oil and water.
  • Available with front access only or both front and rear access.
  • A variety of inner panels, rack mounting angles and swing frames are available to provide flexibility in equipment mounting.


  • UL 508A Type 12
  • CSA Type 12
  • Complies with
    • NEMA Type 12
    • IEC 60529, IP54


  • Formed 12 gauge steel (10 gauge on back of single access enclosures).
  • Smooth, continuously welded seams without knockouts, cutouts or holes.
  • Stiffeners on the rear of the enclosure provide rigidity. (Single access)
  • Lifting eyes provide for easy enclosure handling.
  • Doors are supported with heavy gauge continuous hinges.
  • Doors are secured with a three point latch and operated with a key locking automotive type handle.
  • Latch rods are equipped with rollers for easier door closing.
  • Oil resistant gaskets are permanently secured.
  • Provision for light kit mounting.
  • Mounting channels are welded on the inside of the enclosure for mounting of optional inner panels or rack equipment rails.
  • A bonding stud is provided on the door and a grounding stud is provided in the enclosure for each door.
  • A literature pocket is provided for the inside of the door (Two pockets are provided for dual access units).


  • Cover and enclosure are phosphatized and finished in recoatable smooth ANSI 61 gray powder coating.
  • Optional inner panels, rails, frames and supports are available in white powder coating.


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Single Access

Enclosure Part# Optional Full Panel
  Quantity Price Buy Now Quantity Price Buy Now
Part No. H W D Optional
Full Panel¹
1418AW18 60.06 48.06 18.06 60AWFW 1$4,274.550Buy Now1$1,042.935Buy Now
1418ZW18 72.06 48.06 18.06 72ZWFW 3$4,574.700Buy Now11$1,179.210Buy Now
1418ZX18 72.06 60.06 18.06 72ZXFW 1$5,143.950Buy Now16$1,369.650Buy Now
1418ZY18 72.06 72.06 18.06 72ZYFW 1$5,714.925Buy Now7$1,556.985Buy Now
1418BW20 90.06 48.06 20.06 90BWFW 4$5,349.225Buy Now1$1,389.143Buy Now
1418BY20 90.06 72.06 20.06 90BYFW 11$6,741.300Buy Now10$1,878.525Buy Now
1418BY24 90.06 72.06 24.06 90BYFW 5$7,088.025Buy Now10$1,878.525Buy Now
1418ZW24 72.06 48.06 24.06 72ZWFW 1$5,095.650Buy Now11$1,179.210Buy Now
1418ZX24 72.06 60.06 24.06 72ZXFW 2$5,723.550Buy Now16$1,369.650Buy Now
1418ZY24 72.06 72.06 24.06 72ZYFW 1$6,168.600Buy Now7$1,556.985Buy Now
1418ZX36 72.06 60.06 36.06 72ZXFW 1$6,584.325Buy Now16$1,369.650Buy Now
1418BY36 90.06 72.06 36.06 90BYFW 1$8,349.000Buy Now10$1,878.525Buy Now

Dual Access

Enclosure Part# Optional Full Panel
  Quantity Price Buy Now Quantity Price Buy Now
Part No. H W D Optional
Full Panel¹
1418ZWD24 72.06 48.06 24.06 72ZWFW 1$5,516.550Buy Now11$1,179.210Buy Now
1418ZXD24 72.06 60.06 24.06 72ZXFW 1$6,191.025Buy Now16$1,369.650Buy Now
1418ZYD24 72.06 72.06 24.06 72ZYFW 1$6,868.950Buy Now7$1,556.985Buy Now
1418BYD24 90.06 72.06 24.06 90BYFW 1$7,886.700Buy Now10$1,878.525Buy Now
1418ZXD36 72.06 60.06 36.06 72ZXFW 1$7,122.525Buy Now16$1,369.650Buy Now

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