19" Rails and Width Adaptor Kit HMER Series

  • Provides 19" rack mounting centers in 600mm wide cabinets.
  • Provides 19" rack mounting centers in 800mm wide cabinets when combined with Width Adapter Kits (Part # HAK19800).
  • Can mount directly to frame in full front and full back positions or can have full front to back depth adjustment when used with Depth Grid Straps (sold separately).
  • Rails are 12 gauge, include mounting hardware and are clear zinc plated (ZPL) finish.
  • Square holed rails with full EIA centers.
  • Sold in pairs.
Mounting Space Quantity Price Buy Now
Part Number Style U Inches Use with H
HPR16SZPL Panel (L shape) 33 57.75 1600 6$166.593Buy Now
HPR18SZPL Panel (L shape) 38 66.5 1800 1$201.145Buy Now
HPR20SZPL Panel (L shape) 42 73.5 2000 10$227.060Buy Now
HPR22SZPL Panel (L shape) 47 82.25 2200 1$250.506Buy Now
HCR16SZPL Combination 33 57.75 1600 4$166.593Buy Now
HCR18SZPL Combination 38 66.5 1800 9$201.145Buy Now
HCR20SZPL Combination 42 73.5 2000 1$227.060Buy Now
HCR22SZPL Combination 47 82.25 2200 1$250.506Buy Now
Part Number Description Quantity Price Buy Now
HAK19800 Adapts 800mm wide cabinets to 19" rack mounting (includes 4 brackets)

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