Type 12 Modular Console Cabinet 1472 Series

Sloped Front


  • Designed to house electrical, electronic, hydraulic or pneumatic controls and instruments.
  • Heavy-duty construction provides protection from dirt, dust, oil and water. Sloping front control and instrument panels provide an ideal surface for mounting operator controls or instrumentation.
  • Interior mounting is provided for with a removable inner panel located on the rear of the basic console.


  • UL 508A Type 12
  • CSA Type 12
  • Complies with
    • NEMA Type 12
    • IEC 60529, IP65

Base Console Construction

  • Formed 14 gauge steel.
  • Smooth, continuously welded seams, without knockouts, cutouts or holes.
  • Sloped front instrument panel is continuously hinged on the front (bottom) edge and secured with captive panel screws, threaded into sealed wells.
  • Front instrument panel may be removed by pulling the hinge pin.
  • Flush doors are secured with a three point latch and operated with a key locking automotive type handle.
  • Two door model has overlapping front doors, with three point latch on right door.
  • Oil resistant gaskets are permanently secured.
  • Includes a removable inner panel formed from 12 gauge steel, mounted to the back of the enclosure interior.
  • Collar studs are provided for mounting inner panels.
  • A bonding stud is provided on the door and a grounding stud is provided in the enclosure for each door.
  • A literature pocket is provided.

Turret Construction

  • Formed and welded from 14 gauge steel.
  • Sloping instrument panel and vertical rear access are completely removable.
  • Captive panel screws fasten into sealed wells.

Writing Surface Construction

  • Formed and welded from 14 gauge steel.
  • Fastens to the front of the console with screws


  • Cover and enclosure are phosphatized and finished in ANSI 61 gray powder coating on the outside and on the inside.
  • Removable inner panels are finished in white powder coating.


Gallery Image

Base Console

Enclosure Panel Quantity Price Buy Now
Part No. H1 H2 W D1 D2 H W
1472-24¹ 36.00 40.00 24.00 17.00 20.00 18.75 27.25 1$4,217.959Buy Now
1472-36¹ 32.00 36.00 36.00 20.00 24.00 30.00 32.00 1$4,879.711Buy Now
1472-48¹,² 32.00 36.00 48.00 20.00 24.00 42.00 32.00 1$5,988.492Buy Now


Part No. H W D1 D2 Quantity Price Buy Now
1472-24T 16.00 24.00 5.00 3.00
1472-36T 20.00 36.00 10.00 6.00 3$1,545.216Buy Now
1472-48T 20.00 48.00 10.00 6.00 1$1,824.987Buy Now

Writing Surface

Part No. H W D Quantity Price Buy Now
1472-24W 4.00 24.00 10.00
1472-36W 4.00 36.00 10.00 2$504.650Buy Now
1472-48W 4.00 48.00 10.00 1$616.689Buy Now

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