Series 2000 Modular Console System

Series 2000 Modular Console System

The Series 2000 Modular Console System offers designers numerous assembly and configuration choices. This system allows units to be “stacked” in multiple combinations to provide equipment support and display functions exactly where you want them.

How to Configure your System

To configure your system you’ll need to go through the following steps:

Step 1 - Protection requirements  

  • Type 4 RAL 7035 light gray = "2CL…" part numbers
  • Type 4X stainless steel = "2CS…" part numbers

Step 2 - Width requirements (24, 36, 48, 60 inch)

Step 3 - Basic component requirements:  

  • Bottom - (a) base, (b) dual access base, or (c) pedestal
  • Top - (a) standard desk and desk cover, (b) deep desk and desk cover, (c) standard turret, (d) deep turret, (e) standard desk/turret combination, (f) deep desk/turret combination, (g) another base and base cover, or (h) data terminal
  • Stand Alone - Consolet

Step 4 - External Accessories (if applicable): plinth, footrest, window doors or depth extension

Step 5 - Internal Accessories (if applicable): electrical mounting panels, electronic mounting rails, swing frames, etc.