Diecast Aluminum Enclosures 1550 Series

Standard & Water-Tight Options


  • Rugged, diecast aluminum alloy (tough yet easy to machine), electronic instrument enclosure.
  • Available in natural vibra finish OR in light textured, black powder paint.
  • Unpainted version is vibra finished for a smooth surface with no sharp edges.
  • Painted version is painted with tough satin black polyester powder paint for a lasting finish, even after machining. Black screws are included to enhance the assembled appearance.
  • Lap joint construction protection against access of dust and splashing water. Also provides for improved EMI/RFI shielding.  The enclosure does not provide shielding when water-tight gaskets are installed.
  • M3.5 x 0.6 x 12 mm long stainless steel, Philips head, machine screws secure lid into factory tapped holes.
  • Designed to meet IP 54 without a gasket or IP66 with a gasket.  IP67 upgraded gaskets are available.
  • All sizes except 1550Z101** carry an impact rating of IK08 per IEC62262
  • No internal ribs for easy installation of connectors without interference or additional milling.
  • Low side wall draft angle (2 degrees or less) for easy P.C. board mounting.
  • Add 0.16" (4 mm) to enclosure depth for lid
Replacement Hardware
  • Replacement screws for the unpainted series  - 1550MS100 - Package of 100
  • Replacement screws for the black series - 1550MS100BK - Package of 100
Upgrade To Tamper-Resistant (Torx With Pin) Hardware
  • Tamper-resistant screws for the unpainted series - 1550MS50T- Package of 50
  • Tamper-resistant screws for the black series -1550MS50TBK - Package of 50
  • Driver bit for tamper-proof screws - SCDRIVET15-2

Accessory Gasket Kits

  • IP66
    • Each kit includes two pre-formed economical EVA foam gaskets.
    • Gaskets include adhesive backing for easy installation.
    • Allows enclosure to be machined and/or painted first and gasketed later
    • Gasket is applied to the lid (see photo example below).
    • Designed to meet IP 66 (with properly installed gasket and lid screws torqued at 55 cN.m).
    • EVA Foam gasket rated up to 65 degrees C.
  • IP67 Upgrade
    • Each kit includes two pre-formed silicone gaskets.
    • Gaskets include adhesive backing for easy installation.
    • Allows enclosure to be machined and/or painted first and gasketed later.
    • Gasket is applied to the lid (see photo example below).
    • Tested to meet IP 67 (with properly installed gasket and lid screws torqued at 55 cN.m).
    • Silicone gasket has a temperature rating of -40C to +150C

Photo Features (click to enlarge):

Available in natural (plain aluminum) finish or with black powder coat.

All sizes available with or without water-tight gaskets. Gasket shipped loose inside enclosure (shown installed).

Smooth internal walls make installing connectors easy.

Shown here with gasket installed.

Gasket retainer on the lid makes for accurate, steady positioning of critical seals.

IP66 or IP67 gasket kits with adhesive back also sold separately.
Without Gasket Included Includes IP66 Gasket Replacemenr & Upgrade Without Gasket Unpainted Without Gasket Black IP66 Gasket Unpainted IP66 Gasket Black Replacement Gasket Kits (Pairs) IP 66 Replacement Gasket Kits (Pairs) IP 67
Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Length Width Enclosure Depth Gasket Kits (Sold As Pairs) Quantity Price Buy Now Quantity Price Buy Now Quantity Price Buy Now Quantity Price Buy Now Quantity Price Buy Now Quantity Price Buy Now
Unpainted Black Unpainted Black (Less Lid) IP66 IP67  
1550Q 1550QBK 1550WQ 1550WQBK 2.36 2.17 1.02 1550QEGASKET 1550QSGASKET 1690$9.374Buy Now1372$14.222Buy Now796$10.020Buy Now247$14.869Buy Now13$2.554Buy Now24$7.434Buy Now
1550P 1550PBK 1550WP 1550WPBK 3.15 2.17 0.83 1550PEGASKET 1550PSGASKET 587$10.990Buy Now18$15.838Buy Now3402$11.636Buy Now223$16.485Buy Now25$2.651Buy Now11$7.693Buy Now
1550A 1550ABK 1550WA 1550WABK 3.50 1.38 1.02 1550AEGASKET 1550ASGASKET 286$9.535Buy Now13$14.384Buy Now26$10.182Buy Now187$15.030Buy Now29$2.521Buy Now75$7.855Buy Now
1550B 1550BBK 1550WB 1550WBBK 4.51 2.52 1.02 1550BEGASKET 1550BSGASKET 1176$11.636Buy Now56$16.485Buy Now1086$12.283Buy Now109$17.131Buy Now14$2.941Buy Now29$9.374Buy Now
1550D 1550DBK 1550WD 1550WDBK 4.51 2.52 2.01 1550BEGASKET 1550BSGASKET 955$14.093Buy Now17$18.941Buy Now757$14.739Buy Now96$19.588Buy Now14$2.941Buy Now29$9.374Buy Now
1550C 1550CBK 1550WC 1550WCBK 4.53 3.54 2.01 1550CEGASKET 1550CSGASKET 534$16.550Buy Now262$21.398Buy Now121$17.196Buy Now301$22.045Buy Now26$3.038Buy Now13$10.473Buy Now
1550M 1550MBK 1550WM 1550WMBK 4.74 3.95 1.23 1550MEGASKET 1550MSGASKET 95$16.162Buy Now4$21.010Buy Now1$16.808Buy Now10$21.657Buy Now36$2.747Buy Now18$11.604Buy Now
1550K 1550KBK 1550WK 1550WKBK 5.51 4.02 2.85 1550KEGASKET 1550KSGASKET 135$22.303Buy Now153$27.152Buy Now74$22.950Buy Now1$27.798Buy Now25$2.877Buy Now18$12.832Buy Now
1550L 1550LBK 1550WL 1550WLBK 6.51 5.02 2.85 1550LEGASKET 1550LSGASKET 107$29.253Buy Now55$34.101Buy Now502$29.899Buy Now186$34.748Buy Now132$3.232Buy Now28$14.933Buy Now
1550E 1550EBK 1550WE 1550WEBK 6.73 4.76 2.01 1550EEGASKET 1550ESGASKET 65$25.535Buy Now719$30.384Buy Now107$26.182Buy Now312$31.030Buy Now15$3.103Buy Now16$13.253Buy Now
1550F 1550FBK 1550WF 1550WFBK 6.73 4.76 3.98 1550EEGASKET 1550ESGASKET 122$33.131Buy Now222$37.980Buy Now53$33.778Buy Now24$38.626Buy Now15$3.103Buy Now16$13.253Buy Now
1550G 1550GBK 1550WG 1550WGBK 8.74 5.75 2.01 1550GEGASKET 1550GSGASKET 401$36.202Buy Now466$41.051Buy Now109$36.849Buy Now173$41.697Buy Now19$3.846Buy Now15$16.582Buy Now
1550H 1550HBK 1550WH 1550WHBK 8.74 5.75 3.98 1550GEGASKET 1550GSGASKET 289$49.293Buy Now204$54.142Buy Now264$49.940Buy Now80$54.788Buy Now19$3.846Buy Now15$16.582Buy Now
1550N 1550NBK 1550WN 1550WNBK 9.85 9.85 3.82 1550NEGASKET 1550NSGASKET 4$85.334Buy Now114$90.182Buy Now41$85.980Buy Now65$90.829Buy Now24$4.719Buy Now19$38.950Buy Now
1550J 1550JBK 1550WJ 1550WJBK 10.83 6.89 2.46 1550JEGASKET 1550JSGASKET 137$53.010Buy Now547$57.859Buy Now118$53.657Buy Now125$58.505Buy Now35$4.040Buy Now12$28.251Buy Now

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