"Classic" 600 Ohm 119DA Series

Speaker Matching Transformer

In response to requests from the "Collins Collectors Association" we developed a high quality, matching audio transformer for older equipment with 600 ohm audio output, driving modern low impedance speakers.

Or it can also be used for driving "classic" high impedance speakers used with newer equipment. Simply turn the 119DA around - swaping primary for secondary (ie...4 or 8 ohm input - with 600 ohms out).


  • Large core area for excellent low frequency response
  • Manufactured with high quality 29M6 laminations (for low distortion)
  • Concentric wound for excellent coupling
  • Isolation type transformer (ie...separate primary and secondary)
  • Primary: 600 Ohms (using 6" wire leads)
  • Secondary: 8 Ohms with a 4 Ohm center tap (using solder lugs)
  • Power: Rated at 12 watts
  • Frequency response: 30 Hz. - 20 Khz. (+/- 1 db @ Full Power - 1 Khz. Reference)
  • Weight: 1 pound, 4 oz.
  • Mounting: 2 hole bracket mount - on 2 & 13/16" mounting hole centers
  • Cost: under $40.00 U.S. !
  • IN STOCK - check out our Classic Distributors.

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Part No. Overall Dimensions Two Hole Mounting Quantity Price Buy Now
Height Width Depth Mounting Centers Hole
119DA 2.00 3.28 2.35 2.81 0.19 140$58.388Buy Now

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